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Springs and rivers

More than fifteen springs



More than fifteen springs well up along the geological fault which runs through the valley. Some are used to feed the spa pools, while others flow untapped.
The water from La Vernière spring (outside Lamalou-les-Bains, on the road to Les Aires) emerges naturally sparkling after its long route through the rocks of the Primary era in the south-east of France, enriched on its way by numerous minerals and trace elements which give it its distinctive qualities. With its fine bubbles, excellent balance and ideal mix of minerals, drunk daily this water brings you the enjoyment of a unique taste and the benefits of its composition.
The valley in which Lamalou-les-Bains nestles is a depression with a fault running through it from the River Orb to the village of Boussagues. This fault forms the cut-off point of some very ancient shale – Triassic soil made up of marls of various colours – while on the other side of the valley, the layers dating from the Secondary era have remained horizontal. The spa water which is captured along the whole length of the fault rises to the surface through the schist along veins of quartz.
Another source of enrichment and pleasures of all kinds is the River Orb. Angling, canoeing and kayaking and the beauty of its banks are what it has to offer.

52°C at the fountain head. Water with high mineral content. Indications: hepato-digestive disorders. Cholagogue and choleretic effects and general tonic thanks to trace elements.  Cations (mg/l): calcium 230 - sodium 253 - magnesium 53 – potassium 85 - iron 2.2. Anions (mg/l): bicarbonates 1,726 - sulphates 15.6 - chloride 15.7 (chemical analysis by Institut Bouisson Bertrand).

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