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The thermal baths



The thermal baths: open from 15/02 to 10/12
Therapies for: rheumatology, neurology, traumatology, double handicap.

  • Steps to take before your treatment(s)

Your general practitioner :

  • must fill out and sign a "preliminary water treatment request" indicating the nature of the treatment and the related condition (rheumatology or neurology).
  • can if necessary, prescribe a second handicap treatment, which will make it possible to supplement your main treatment by care in one of the two other areas (rheumatology + neurology or neurology + rheumatology).

You yourself must:

  • address the printed request form to your health provider / health insurance company
  • write to the thermal establishment in order to prepare and reserve your treatment
  • reserve your accommodation: hotel, furnished rental, tourism residence, campsite...
  • reserve your doctor who will oversee the thermal treatment
  • choose your mode of transport: train, aeroplane, car or bus
  • prepare a summarised, but complete medical file: your last x-ray scans, blood test results and prescriptions, as well as a letter from your practitioner for the attention of his/her counterpart in Lamalou-les-Bains.
  • Starting your treatment

Your first visit to the thermal specialist:
Having assessed your file and undertaken a clinical examination, the doctor completes the diagnostic, determines a treatment and makes your prescription.

Welcome to the thermal baths!
Come to the reception desk on the day indicated on your down-payment receipt with your treatment request, your prescription and your insurance details in order to proceed with the subscription.

  • The duration of your treatment
  • Full treatment: 21 days (18 days of effective treatment).
  • "Freestyle" treatment: variable durations, various packages.
  • Military thermal treatments in accordance with article L115. The treatment request file (N°620-6/17 (a)), must be filled out by the relevant practitioner and addressed to the Office of Interdepartemental Management of Ex-serviceman and Victims of War, 4 months before the start of the treatment. Once approved, the specialist will receive a file including certificates of responsibility, as well as the fees for thermal and medical treatments, accommodation and transport. When you receive your approval, reserve your accommodation, your place at the thermal establishment and a specialist doctor.
  • Specific stays
  • Fibromyalgy*

    3 weeks of thermal treatments
    Gymnastic and physical activity sessions, both complementary and treatment-based (1 gym session in the fitness room and 3 in the swimming pool, 1 health walk, back health workshop)
    3 sophrology meetings
    Fibromyalgy conference

  • Parkinson's Disease*

    3 weeks of thermal treatments
    16 gymnastic and physical activity sessions, both complementary and treatment-based
    3 sophrology meetings
    Conference on Parkinson's Disease

  • Charcot Marie Tooth*

    3 weeks of thermal treatments
    Gymnastic and activity sessions, complementary and treatment-based (3 sessions on balance, direction and a dietary workshop)
    3 sophrology meetings
    Conference on the illness

  • Multiple sclerosis*

    3 weeks of thermal treatments
    16 complementary gymnastic sessions in a thermal swimming pool
    3 sophrology meetings
    Conference on Multiple sclerosis

*The treatments take into account tiredness; the temperature is changeable and adapted to the pathology. Ask at the thermal baths for information concerning the dates of stays.
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