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Thermal therapeutic techniques

Thermal therapeutic techniques



The following list of thermal treatments is not exhaustive.


Running water bath in communal swimming pool
The static bath at 32°, 34°, 36°/37° is the basis of thermal therapies at Lamalou-les-Bains.

Other treatments

Mobility pool
Communal therapeutic gymnastics in thermal swimming pool. The specialist assists in softening movements, muscles, joints in improving coordination, under the guidance of a kinesitherapist. Specific sessions directed towards walking and balance are also possible.

Penetrating shower
A general application of thermal baths that combines ordinary showering techniques with jet and sedative showering with the double aim of relaxing muscles and relieving pain by using a large amount of thermal water and subtle techniques.

Immersion shower and high-pressure immersion shower in a swimming pool
Use of a water jet immersed and regulated according to the medical prescription in order to create a de-contracting massage. This technique is used in a swimming pool designed for the purpose.

Underwater massage
Massage undertaken by a masseur-kinesitherapist on a massage table and under a ramp of 3 "watering-can" showers. Combines the effects of therapeutic massage and thermal medications.

Locally-applied cataplasms
Individual cataplasms (argillaceous mud) with thermal spring water heated to a temperature of approximately 43 °.

Shower and mud bath for the hands and/or feet
Technique for the treatment of the extremities, a smoother application of thermal therapies that is required by such areas where it is difficult to relieve pain.

Complete mud bath
The establishment proposes this particularly pleasant and much-appreciated treatment. A mud bath in apparent weightlessness causes a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

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