Villemagne l'Argentière
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Villemagne L'Argentière

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Visit Villemagne-l’Argentière and you will find inhabitants who are welcoming but who keep a watchful eye over their village, mindful of conserving their identity. At the heart of the village with its old stone-built houses, visitors will discover a number of listed historical buildings: churches, the Hôtel des Monnaies – which is undergoing major rehabilitation – and Mirande Tower.

Added to this are the village walls, the abbey gardens which are currently being renovated, an archaeological museum and a signposted walk through the village streets. Also in this age-old village, visitors can discover the Mare, a peaceful-flowing – but sometimes raging – river which offers shady places to sit and listen to the murmuring water and which is also suitable for bathing. Well-marked paths will lead ramblers to the hamlets of La Gure and Le Causse, and to Boussagues.

The view of the village from the metal footbridge over the Mare helps you to understand why flood protection was a permanent concern of the inhabitants over the centuries. A floodwall, or dyke, built in the eighteenth centuries using the stones from a district of the village which had been swept away by the river, now protects Villemagne l’Argentière from flooding.


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