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lamalou les bains



A tourist and spa resort


Situated at an altitude of 200 metres (656ft) in a shady valley at the foot of towering hills in the Upper Languedoc Regional Nature Park, Lamalou-les-Bains is a central tourist resort.


The Bell and Sheep Bell Museum

A most unique Museum

In Hérépian, a Museum where you can see, touch, handle, ring and hear !



The charms of the "Belle Epoque"

Unlike many spa towns, Lamalou-les-Bains is not of Roman origin. Its name comes, quite simply, from the stream which runs through the town and which was formerly called “Malou” or “Betoulet”, which in time was transformed into the present name of “Bitoulet”.



A typical southern french village

Built around its churches, with old houses in local stone, Hérépian is worth a detour. Ideally situated at a crossroads where the Mare and Orb valleys meet, Hérépian owes its rise to the busy traffic of goods and silver ore from the neighbouring villages during the eighteenth century.


Villemagne L'Argentière

History and heritage

Visit Villemagne-l’Argentière and you will find inhabitants who are welcoming but who keep a watchful eye over their village, mindful of conserving their identity. At the heart of the village with its old stone-built houses, visitors will discover a number of listed historical buildings: churches, the Hôtel des Monnaies – which is undergoing major rehabilitation – and Mirande Tower.



Welcome in Grand Orb

In a natural green setting between the sea and the mountains, the Grand Orb Local Council Community welcomes our visitors.


Les Aires

On the banks of the orb

Set against a backdrop of greenery and bordered by an 8km stretch of the River Orb, the village of Les Aires makes the most of its privileged situation.


Le Pradal

The good life

Snuggling against the foot of a hill and facing directly south, the village of Le Pradal embodies the notion of Mediterranean dolce vita. After centuries of splendid isolation, the past few years have seen the construction of numerous new houses, proof if any was needed of its new-found attractiveness.


Things to see in Lamalou les Bains

Things to see

Belle Epoque Architecture and beautiful old stone, religious architecture



Things to see in Hérépian

The Bell and Sheep Bell Museum, Notre Dame de Capimont, Local produce and crafts fair, Wine cooperative shop, Church of St Martial...


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